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Welcome to the Dragon Grips Kingdom


Crafted by the "Handy Capable"

"As the business grew, I studied businesses from previous generations and looked at our needs as a family and decided to bring it all home. Our work day is unlike any other family business I'm sure, as home school, business, and life all intertwine to form something spectacular! Josiah came up with our name, Dragon Grips - running around our castle in a knight Costume - at 7 years of age." – Joel (Owner)

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"The product itself seems to be of high quality. I'm very happy with the grip tape for my Samsung note and I'm sure one could find a multitude of uses and applications for this product."

Jose Avecillas (USA)

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"Let me say these stickers are a game changer! I have not dropped my phone once since I bought and placed these stickers on the phone case. I highly HIGHLY recommend these."

Stephanie (USA)

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"I bought these for a new cell phone and they work great. I didn't want a case as sometimes they don't fit properly. I would recommend this product and will reorder if needed for other items."

Gina (USA)

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"This is an excellent product! It's such a simple idea and the inventor made it work great! I found the perfect slim case for my phone, except for the fact that it didn't have much grip at all." 


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"Good for grips on controllers or phones for gaming or just in general if you need the grip texture."

Josue Zuniga (USA)