Collection: Dragon Senses, anxiety/fidget/sensory stickers for Kids and adults

Starting in 2016, Dragon Grips has been making Grip enhancement decals for all kinds of uses.  As a dad of two young men with Down Syndrome, we quickly found out that there is a therapeutic use for our grips with our boys.  After getting tons of feedback from the special needs community we decided to launch Dragon Senses!  Filling that need for sensory input and helping with fidgeting and focusing, we then saw that other product reviews showed a huge help to the many customers who have anxiety. 

Trust me, I get it.  I'm scared to death of dentist because of childhood trauma but grasping a keychain with our sensory decal on it, I was able to transform that fight or flight response to some very strong pressure rubbing our sticker.  I take pride in being able to make products that help so many people.  Also note, we are able to make custom decals with business or school logos and have some attachment options (like dog tags and keychains) that are coming soon!  If you have a custom request, simply contact us and I will get a quote to you in 1-2 days with custom products shipping usually within a week.